Today I'm going to write my opinion on the new single by Demi Lovato that was out last friday and it's called 'Sober'.

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Written by Demi Lovato, Mark Landon, RØMANS, Tushar Apte.

The first thing that I saw about the song was at same day with a video posted my Demi in her instagram account, it didn't last too long but I knew what it was going to be. If you were a fan of her since the beginning or at least saw the news or her last documentary, you know what she was going through and her problems with alcohol.

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"I got no excuses
For all of these goodbyes
Call me when it's over
'Cause I'm dying inside".

Something that I love about this song is how honest it is.
This verse, for me, It shows the thoughts that you have in the progress, when you try to leave it and even if you don't have a reason to stay on it you do it anyway even though at the end of the day that just brings you more pain.

"Wake me when the shakes are gone
And the cold sweats disappear
Call me when it's over
And myself has reappeared".

The cold sweats are part of the progress to be sober, when you try to leave it, but that's not easy so all you want it's that just happend without making the effort and just waking up with a clear mind.

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"I don't know, I don't know, I don't know, I don't know why
I do it every, every, every time
It's only when I'm lonely
Sometimes I just wanna cave
And I don't wanna fight
I try and I try and I try and I try and I try
Just hold me, I'm lonely".

Sometimes we only see the solution in the wrong paths, that will bring you a quick and without any harm way but the choices we made about it can take us to those ways. When we feel we're alone, that one can save you is when you try to survive on your own. Unfortunaly, being alone it isn't always the solution.

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"Momma, I'm so sorry, I'm not sober anymore
And daddy, please forgive me for the drinks spilled on the floor
To the ones who never left me
We've been down this road before
I'm so sorry, I'm not sober anymore".

She tried to be clean for a really long time but that's hard and when she fell to the drugs, or alcohol, again she feels bad for letting down all the people she loves.

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"I'm sorry to my future love
For the man that left my bed
For making love the way I saved for you inside my head
And I'm sorry for the fans I lost
Who watched me fall again
I wanna be a role model
But I'm only human".

Here she brings all the things that are important to her.
Her love and the way she treated him and making him to have patience and try to not give up on her. Also to the ones who supported her all the way from the begging until now, the fans, and even though she tries to be a good role model to them she said she can't be one because she's just human.

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"I'm sorry that I'm here again
I promise I'll get help
It wasn't my intention
I'm sorry to myself".

Here she realise that after all she's the one who suffers with the addiction and at the end, she let herself down.

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This song reveals the true Demi, who isn't perfect, that after all she's only a human with the same problems that any of us could have. This is one of my favorite songs by her because I had the chance to see this part of her that I never see in celebrities. I love that she was so honest and confident enough to talk about it to all of us.
If you ever feel alone or misunderstood, try to reach people to talk to or write in a journal, but never try face your demons in the wrong way, there's people who loves you and you have to be aware of that.
If you need help or just someone to talk just send me a message or a dm on here and I'll answer as fast as I can to help or just make company.

I had never wrote an article about songs but I hope it's okay, that you like it and keep reading. Thank you for everything!