Hi girls, today I want to give you some small tips to reduce your appetite and cravings for compulsive eating. Before starting I will explain a bit about the difference between hunger and appetite, since they are two very different things; hunger is the brain's indication to the body which is claimed as food for the welfare and survival of this, instead the appetite is the feeling of having to eat but unlike hunger this is the consequence of excess carbohydrates and products processed that encourage you to eat (without the body needing it).
But ... .. What do you have to do to not eat unnecessarily? The answer is very simple. You have to establish a new way of feeding where you organize your day with 4 to 5 meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner together with two snacks; the time between each meal should not exceed 4 hours, each time should carry a balance between whole carbohydrates (not processed), proteins and fats (good); if you have the sensation of appetite, consume foods high in fiber and protein such as oats, brown rice, legumes and fruits (but always in moderate amounts). Exercise is another way to reduce appetite and which you should integrate into your life. thing more, everything has to be in EQUILIBRIUM and neither you kill yourself of the hunger with this I say that you can also give you a pleasure the weekends (but everything in moderate form); If you make a small mistake in your diet, do not get upset or get frustrated, let alone drop everything in the trash, what you should do is continue with your diet as if nothing happened and try not to repeat the same mistake. It is one of the best tips to follow, it takes a little water to wake up, before and after a meal and to help the skin also take a little water before and after the shower.
The end of my article has arrived, but do not forget to follow these tips. In my pinterest I leave an easy and very practical recipe to reduce appetite and also lose weight. Here I leave the link https://www.pinterest.com.mx/pin/629518854138767731/