yay the holidays are finally here! i hope that you all did well in ur finals & i hope u have a lovely holiday!

1. get fit!

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my biggest goal for the holidays is to get fit. i want to focus on building up my muscles and to be able to run a full 5km.

2. redecorate/redo my room

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i've been wanting to do my room for a while now, and now that i'm not busy i can spend lots of time on it and make it how i exactly want it to be.

3. eat healthy

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at the moment i hardly eat bad things, but i really want to try out new healthy recepies and get into eating more greens.

4. go vegan

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I've been wanting to go vegan for a while now, i've been vegetarian before and i struggled breaking being vegetarian. i actually dislike meats and love vegetables and fruits! now is the perfect time as it'll allow my body to adjust to the new diet.

5. limit phone use

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this holiday i'm going to try my best to not use my phone as much as i normally do as i want to live a little and make a lot more memories and happy moments. social media also stresses me lol.

6. stay hydrated

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i don't drink a lot of water and i feel like it's very unhealthy for me. in a day i will probably drink a cup of water or nothing, i'll never drink over a cup of water in a day which is crazy! i really want to try and drink water a lot more!

7. take a long walk

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i hardly go on walks or adventure and i'd love to go on a nice walk in a pretty location, and to take pictures too of course - but with a camera bc obviously i want to limit my time use on my phone & its better quality lol.

8. learn how to play the electric guitar

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i've been obsessed with electric guitars recently - thanks to calpurnia! i think they sound gorgeous and i'd love to learn play some gentle and soft songs on a electric guitar.

9. fix my sleeping schedule

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my sleeping schedule is horrible! i go to bed at 1am and wakeup at 8. i'm always tired during the day and i feel like it limits what i want to do. so my sleeping schedule is for sure something i really need to fix.

10. paint

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i'm quite bad at art but i badly want to paint and have a cute collection of paints. i feel like painting is also a way to relax and to enjoy a good playlist. definitely am going to try and paint.

11. outdoor/drive-in movie

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i've been to one before and they're super fun to go with friends! and the summer is the perfect weather to enjoy a movie in the fresh air with blankets, pillows and lots of snacks! sounds perfect.

12. take a lot of photos

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a perfect way to remember precious memories with your friends and family. i also find that taking random videos are also a lovely way to remember good memories. i love rewatching all the videos i took and laughing at all the funny comments my friends make.

13. go to a music concert

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the. best. thing. ever. if ur fav musical talented shister happens to come to ur city, go and see them! u should also invite friends so ur not lonely & so that u can have a good time and make memories.

14. take ur dog on outings

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ur dog loves being out just as much as you do so why not invite them too! take them to the beach, on hikes and even to ur friends house - also can u tell that i love golden retrievers? hehe.

15. binge watch new series

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or just rewatch ur favourites! since u have so much free time u might as well watch some series as it takes years to finish, even though it seems like it hasn't even been that long. i highly recommend (if u haven't seen them) stranger things, end of the f***ing world, friends & lost in space.

16. go camping

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a beautiful location makes camping a lot better. just enjoy the beautiful things and get away from all the bad things. set ur phones down and look at the beautiful earth bc people are forgetting that there is a beautiful part among the bad.

17. take care of urself

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relax, enjoy and pamper urself. after all these hard finals we all know we need some tlc. play a chill and soothing playlist, run a bath, put a face mask on, get some healthy snacks and enjoy.

18. plant some plants

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let's try and not kill these beautiful plants for once. add some to ur bedroom or even to ur garden. spend a little bit of time taking care of them and making sure they receive enough sunlight and water. good luck to all of u that are trying not to kill a plant this holiday!

19. ride ur bicycle

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yes ik that ur bike is sitting in the garage and not being used so why don't u take it out for a spin. invite ur friends and ask them to bring their bikes and meet at an ice cream shop or even a cafe.

20. do u boo

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who cares about what u look like and what u wear, just do whatever ur comfortable with doing. stop worrying, wear no makeup, show off no matter what ur wearing bc ur beautiful. have an enjoyable summer and make sure that ur happy & don't let anybody put u down boo bc ur perfect exactly the way u are and nobody would ever want to change any bit of you.

it's finally the holidays! it took long enough. i just want to remind u guys to have fun and to make many memories. try out new things and make many new friends. enjoy and make sure to relax.

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