Dear Mom,

Thank you for leaving us behind at a really young age.
I hated you for leaving us..
but as I grew older, I realized it was a blessing in disguise.
I grew Stronger. More loving. More caring. More affectionate. since you have left us.
It is sad really.. because I'm not sad that you left, I am just sad at the fact that you never saw us grow into this amazing person we are today. you missed all the birthdays, graduations, medical appointments,...

What kills me is not what you did, but rather what you did not do.
I see your name in my missed calls, my whole body shivers. I feel like I can't breath or I feel like I am locked away and I can not escape it. You have hurt me in many ways that I never thought it was humanly possible. I really hope that God forgives you, because I can not seem to do so myself.

The thing is "Mom", I am not your daughter.. Yes, your blood travels in our veins, but being a mother isn't just nature but nurture too. So I am technically just a stranger to you. Because truthfully, I'm not that 6 year old that you have left behind..