Hello! My name is Kelly and welcome to a very long awaited Sunday article. This is going to be a life & account update as I know I owe you all an explanation on why I've been MIA since mid May, only hearting and posting a few times a day.

I encourage you to read everything I have to say as this is going to be an update on everything :)

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This article is going to be divided into 3 sections :

(This is for the people who want to get an update on a specific topic. However, I'll be writing this in chronological order where everything links to each other. )

- LIFE : (top section)
- ARTICLES : (middle section)
- ACCOUNT : (penultimate section)
- OVERVIEW OF FUTURE PLANS : (last section)

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here we go.


My life has gotten so, so , so stressful lately. This is because of the wonderful world of exams.
I'm currently working towards my GCSEs. If you don't know what GCSEs are then heres a definition :

'GCSE is a qualification in a specific subject typically taken by school students aged 14–16, at a level below A level.'*

In other words, I have 3 years to work towards my real GCSEs which i have to pass 5 of my chosen and core subjects. These literally will make or break your future.
Right now, I have my mock mock GCSE. Which in a way doesn't matter as much as my real ones obviously but I still need to do well as it determines my sets, classes and progression / placement for the next academic year.

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This is the main reason why I've been so inactive and practically fallen off the surface of the WHI world. The following week, Monday 25th - Friday 29th July is my mock mock exams week.

This means I'm practically cramming in all my revision. I've already had my French listening exam on Thurday 21st ; that went AWFUL. Then I had my Maths non calculator exam on Friday 22nd and that was okay, not bad, not good.

Here's my exam timetable so you can understand how much pressure I'm facing right now.

MONDAY 25th :

English language exam

TUESDAY 26th :

French Reading & Writing exam
Chemistry exam
Maths calculator exam


Geography exam
Physics exam
Music Listening exam


The subjects that have exams on this day aren't any that I take so THANK GOD I DON'T HAVE ANY ON THIS DAY.

FRIDAY 29th :

Design & Technology (Graphics) exam
Biology exam

After this, on July 11th I have my Grade 6 Violin exam meaning i'll be focusing on trying to pass that.

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(This isn't so you'll feel sympathy towards me but for you to understand why I've been as inactive as I have been.)


If you've followed me since articles became a feature, you'll know that I started my Sunday articles where I post a brand new article every sunday! With the occasional article on saturday depending on what I want to write.
The most recent article I've posted was on June 3rd. As I'm writing this on June 23rd that's exactly 20 days ago. 2 weeks and a bit ago... I've tried to pre write a load of articles so I wouldn't miss a week but as my timetable got more full I couldn't find the time to write as an article normally takes me an hour.
After June 29th Sunday articles will return as normal. I am fully aware that I haven't written a new article in my Fashion Trends. Study Tips and Monthly Favourites series which are my most popular articles to write and my favourite ones to write. I'll try and fit in a fashion trends article in next week. My most recent monthly favourites and fashion trends article was on April meaning I missed May too.

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Since I've been inactive, I've managed to reach :
  • 17,000 Followers : 15/05/18
  • 18,000 Followers : 21/05/18
  • 19,000 Followers : 09/06/18
  • 20,000 Followers : 21/06/18
Which I can not express into words how thankful I am for every single one of you. Of course, at the end of the day followers don't define who you are and don't matter but to know that theres over 20K of you who decided to follow either my collections, account, articles means so much to me.
If you've read my "2 year anniversary on WHI" article then you'll know on June 2nd I reached my 2 year mark on this wonderful platform! I wrote my thanks etc. in that article which was linked above.

Another part of my account that I decided to change was my profile picture. I was debating on changing it to my current one for a while as some of you have figured that, yes, it's me in my profile picture. It's become such a trend to set models as your profile picture instead of yourself here on whi. Which there is nothing wrong with doing so but I decided to use the only fairly decent photo of me..

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Here's an overview of what I plan on doing after my exam week is over :

// I will be returning as active as I was on June 29th 2018 as that is the end of my exam week.
// There will be a Sunday article going up on the following sunday, a week from now.
// #WHITheRevolution ( if you haven't heard of WTR then you can read more about it on @WhiTheRevolution ) - a movement I'm in - is working hard on new projects and a very exciting collaboration so keep an eye out for that!
// After getting daily messages on " who do I become a heartist ? " "how do I become successful on whi ? " , to your delight I will be posting an article on that sometime in July.

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If you've made it this far then ILY! Send in a heart reaction to let me know that you've read all of this.

I hope this article answers all your questions and explains why I've been so distant lately.

See you next sunday !

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- Hugs,
Kelly xx

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