1. Honeymoon Tour M&G Plaid

I actually found this one while searching for another outfit but it's so cute and definitely something I would wear. I especially love her moon choker.

ariana grande, m&g, and honeymoon tour image

2. Dancing With The Stars Performance

Ariana wore this outfit while peforming 'Boys Like you' on DWTS. I've loved it ever since. It's so fashionable yet simple.

ariana grande, ari, and ariana image

3. Love Me Harder AMA's

Ariana's dress was so beautiful and so was her hair. I love this look so much.

ariana grande, ariana, and arianagrande image

4. Viva Glam 2016

I love her hair so much! She's also wearing a sparkly choker too which is so pretty. She looked amazing this day.

ariana grande, arianagrande, and ariana image

5. Radio Disney Interview 2016

She looked so pretty here! Her braids are so cute and I love her choker and outfit a lot.

ariana grande image

6. Japan 2016

Who doesn't love this outfit?? It's absolutely gorgeous. She looked perfect this day. I love the cherry blossoms on her two piece, her choker, and her hair. Ariana in Japan >>>>>>.

ariana grande image

7. Summersonic in Toxyo, Japan 2015

Ariana always looks good in Japan, no doubt about it. I love the hairstyle so much. She looks adorable in space buns. Black/sparkly stuff always looks beautiful on her.

ariana grande and fetus image

I hope you all enjoyed this article. These are just a few looks that I love from Ariana and I find underrated.

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