During summer, one of the most important things is fun. You can have fun without foxusing on your diet, body and expectations beacause fun is for anyone.
These are just a few tips/goals of my list for summer 2018:

#1 voyager

This summer i want to visit a seaside. Personally, i adore the french sea.

breakfast, brunch, and nissa image

#2 aller aux festivals (go to festivals)

Hungary has lit festivals like Volt and Sziget.

bastille, concert, and hungary image

#3 fare la fete (party)

Just party!

drink, rose, and summer image

#4 Dormir beaucoup (sleep a lot)

Beauty sleep, hangover sleep whatever...you need it.

Image by izzy ☁️🍭🌙

#5 Faire des sports extremes (extreme sports)

i wanna try something out of my comfort zone.

Dream, teenager, and bucket list image

Thank you for reading. Have a lovely summer.
Au revoir