He said he brought me back ...
That I was lost, broken and lifeless
And he guided me home

He said I was worthless, dull and fragile
Yet he chose me

He breaks me a million times a day
But he said I should be thankful he picks me up after

He told me my soul is cursed
And he is the angel assigned to me

I look at the mirror, and I see the blue he painted me
He said I should forever remember him
That's why he gave me scars too deep to fade
Scars he calls the touch of an angel

He keeps me locked from everyone
So I wouldn't humiliate myself
He said no one will understand or see me as him
They will only see the wreckage that I am
I will forever be in debt to him for saving me from them

He is my angel, sun and air
But he has been drifting away these days
Searching for a new soul to salvage
That's what he said

Her name is Mandy
She is the devil, for all I know
But he knows her as his girlfriend
A word he used to call me

She is corrupted to the heart
I can tell by her eyes
I used to look like her once

I know she wants to put out my angel's aura
But we have gone along way now ...

He told me I will morph into an angel like him
When he lights the fire
-- His angel --

That's why I'm going to free us
Tonight .. I will set us all on fire
Mandy will be cleansed
We will ascend to heaven together
And we shall live for eternity faraway from devils

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