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It's okay to cry. If you cry believe you will feel lot better.

*Listen to music.

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Listen to your favourite music. I am the kind of person who prefers sad songs when I'm sad but if happy music make you feel better listen to this kind.

*Read a book.

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Maybe this sounds crazy but if you read your favourite book that you have an emotional connection with believe me you will feel better.

*Talk with someone you really trust.

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If you say what you feel to someone you trust the you will feel a lot better. If you think its difficult to do that then write it in your notebook, talk with your pillow or talk to yourself.

*If you have a pet.

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If you have a pet and you hug it or talk with it then you will figure out that you have talked to someone who has a life and its not your notebook or your pillow.

*I will give you an advice: Don't try to feel better with your phone or something like that because there are other things that will help you to feel better and you will feel more smart to deal with your heartbreak.