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I really like to imagining things, so for this article I thought it would be cool to imagine myself as a famous person.

welcome to my 'If i was famous' article!

(I got the idea from this article)

☘: Meet me!
Name : Rachel.
famous because : actress and famous feminist.
current project : got the lead role in a new movie.

☘: street style

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fashion, girl, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and girl image
fashion, girl, and style image
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☘: Shows

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talk that talk baby

☘: premiers

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☘: Coachella

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☘: Airport style

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cindy kimberly, wolfiecindy, and model image
fashion, flowers, and outfit image chic, fashion, and style image

☘: Oscar

dress, fashion, and model image dress and style image fashion, dress, and style image dress, fashion, and white image

☘: Events

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☘: relationships

‹ boyfriend

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Rachel got a really sweet and loyal boyfriend who loves books and photograpy. He is also an actor like Rachel. They met after a awardshow, they both didn't like the after party so they decid to go to a cute coffee cafe.

‹ bestfriend

friends, city, and friendship image
Rachel's bestfriend is a mom type. She really cares about Rachel. She is model but she don't really like that anymore. She wants to be a famous chef but her mom who is also a famous person doens't accept that.

☘: Famous friends

‹ boy:

bts, jimin, and park jimin image bts, jimin, and jungkook image
Park Jimin from BTS

‹ girl:

jade thirlwall and little mix image
Jade thirlwall from little mix

☘: The love of Rachel's life

niall horan and one direction image
I meannnnn I have a huge crush on him!

☘: Ship

Temporarily removed tom holland, spiderman, and peter parker image
the fans really like Tom Holland and Rachel together because they are working in the same movie.

That was it, hope you guys liked it!

You can read my other articles if you like.

XO Rachel