Hey guys!

Here is a llittle inspiration for you.
We hope you´ll like it.
Let´s go!

#1: go swimming

girl, summer, and beach image
summer, beach, and sea image

#2: go camping

friends, friendship, and best friends image
nature, camping, and lake image

#3: reading

book image
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#4: drawing

art, drawing, and flowers image
art, blue, and aesthetic image

#5: fotoshooting

girl, photography, and camera image
white, aesthetic, and polaroid image

#6: spa-evening

girl, bathroom, and beauty image
chill, girlfriend, and girls image

#7: eat ice cream

friends, friendship, and food image
ice cream, food, and delicious image

#8: do a picnic

food, park, and picnic image
beach, girl, and summer image

#9: go brunching

Image by ❥ m a t h i l d a
breakfast, brunch, and cappuccino image

#10: dancing in the rain

tango, dance, and rain image
love, couple, and rain image

#11: ride a bike

girl, bike, and nature image
flowers, bike, and pink image

#12: try a new kind of sport

Mature image
fitness, girl, and workout image

#13: watch the sunrise/sunset

wallpaper, pink, and sky image
summer, girl, and beach image

#14: outdoor movie night

car, vintage, and aesthetic image
fancy, hungry, and linda image

#15: stargazing

stars, night, and sky image
rose, night, and moon image

#16: go shopping

chanel, Prada, and shopping image
shopping, paris hilton, and sport image

#17: go in a museum

art, idea, and make-up image
wallpaper, gold, and architecture image

#18: go to the zoo

Image removed
cute, animal, and tiger image

#19: visit a festival

festival, coachella, and friends image
coachella, girl, and friends image

#20: go to a lostplace

horror+, abandoned+, and lostplace+ image
alone, germany, and old image

#21: meet new people

girl, friends, and summer image
Image removed

#22: take pics and create a scrapbook

jeans, polaroid, and tumblr image
blue, journal, and inspiration image

Hope you enjoyed it!
Love u all <3