Hello everyone! Today, I want to share with you some of the things that school taught me.

Hope you like it!

The world is so big and yet still, so tiny

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You are a little dot in comparison with the world, it´s so big it can take your breath out. But still, when you notice it, what is new to you is familiar to your friend and vice versa. And you realize it´s not that big.

Knowledge is very important

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At the end of the day, knowledge will give you the amazing opportunities you need to be someone in life. Knowledge is culture, is addicting and amazing once you learn to have it.

You don´t need everyone´s approval

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It doesn´t matter how much you put effort on, it will never be enough. And it´s not your fault, it´s just that sometimes people don´t connect, don´t share the same ideas. And that´s not wrong, because they don´t control your life.

Little things are more important than money or positions

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Little go outs to Netflix & Chill, eat or just talk are as amazing as expensive go outs, sometimes they`re even better. They make appreciate the importance of life, give you memories you never thought you would get, they will make you laugh like there´s no tomorrow. They will also make your relationships stronger.

Not everyone will stay

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At this age, it´s common for us to grow over people and stop talking to them. We don´t have everyone sure in our lives, and that´s not necessary our fault. Sometimes, other people comes in and becomes more important.

Relationships and friends aren´t a thing of one person

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You can´t give too much and don´t have anything in return, no matter how much you love someone. It´s okay to love, but you also need to be loved back. You don´t deserve to give your life away for someone who doesn´t appreciate it. If someone loves you, either is a friend or a partner, she/he will give you love.

You will end up with who you least expect

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You don´t know the strings of life. It´s amazing how you life gets its way to end up with who´s destined to be with you. Don´t plan your life and your friends because it won´t go as planned. You just need to move along with time and life. I ended up being my friend`s crush`s best friend and my crush`s girlfriend.

You are capable of everything

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People don´t teach us how to love ourselves, and yet we love other people like there´s no tomorrow. We should apply that love to ourselves, because we have managed to come this far. We are intelligent, amazing and confident, we just need to believe it. Why would be alive if we wouldn´t?

Intelligence isn´t measured in grades

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People that are intelligent are so distracted in real life issues (and I´m not saying school is not an issue, it is). Sometimes we need big things in order to learn. Grades only measured how much attention you put on classes, how much you study. The intelligence isn´t something you learn.

Overthinking will ruin your life

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Overthinking will create things in your mind. It will pop up your insecurities and will make you not trust in the things and people you love. It will make you find mistakes where they aren´t. It won´t let you enjoy things, and it will ruin them. Sadly, it will make you look like a crazy person.

Express your feelings before it´s too late

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The situation and people wont be there forever. You will regret not doing things when you have a chance, because at the end of the day it won´t happen again. Things won´t happen unless you take the step. My two bestfriends didn´t talk about their feelings for each other until two days before prom. Even though they are together now, they won´t be at school ever again.

Teenagers don´t know anything about life

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We believe we know everything and we have our life defined, but the truth is we don´t. We don´t know anything about money and how to take care of it (until we work), we don´t know anything about adulting or the seriousness we should have sometimes. We don´t even know how to take care of ourselves. This years are for learn and have experience enough to define yourself and who you want to be in the future.

See you soon for Part 2!