hello! I'm back after a long time! in my channel i talk about things that I've dealt with so i can help the people who are dealing with the same things i did. body-shaming is a very common matter. we all have been body-shamed once in our life. when i was in 6th grade i was really insecure with myself. i was a little fluffy and lots of people bullied me. i used to come back from school and try to exercise very hard but my lazy ass couldn't continue so i used to starve myself to look like a victoria secret model. i wish i could tell my 13 year old self what I'm writing right now. all body types are beautiful, you don't need to be like someone else. you are unique and amazing. please love yourself.

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dealing with body shaming:

1) NEVER take their comments seriously, DO NOT descend to their level

you should stay 34567898 miles away people who make you feel upset or give out negative comments. backbiters are always gonna stay at the BACK. care less about what other people think.

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2) they bully you because they feel threatened by you or is jealous of you

under that 23465 layers of personalities there is an insecure little puppy, who is screaming and crying. completely ignore that person because it'll save you your precious time and energy

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3) surround yourself with positivity, cut out the fake ones

talk to people who make you feel comfortable and spoil you with happiness. go out,be free, live life. you'll forget about every negative thing in your life. remain unbothered!

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last but not least!
4) practice self care. be confident, pamper yourself with self love

always remember, you are amazing, take time to love yourself, to pamper yourself because you matter!!

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thank you so much for reading! hope this helped. you are beautiful and always spread love! make this world a better place <3