Our generation, like a lot of people claim, have been taken over by technology, people prefer to stay in and do nothing except look at their devices, rather than go out and practice a sport or hang out with friends, even in a meet up people still pay more attention to their screens than to the people around them, However, How this affect us?

Firstly, it is clear that nowadays we depend on technology, everything we do in our daily life is hand to hand with machines, we need it to: wash the laundry, keep on with the news or even moving around town. Regarding the point, our attention is drow by screens, mainly due to how much content we can have with almost any effort, it is at our fingertips.

Secondly, you may think that books have been affected negatively by technology, but it does not have to be this way. Readers love books wherever they are online or in libraries, indeed, now readers have more chances to enjoy their leisure pursuit.

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Overall, in spite of all the negativity around this topic, the issue is not technology, is the way we use it. Having a balance between screen entertainment and social life is up to us.