That's my first article and I don't know how to write it soooo here it is :)

1-I'm italian and I live near Milan

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2-My name is Laura and I'm 19

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3-I'm an aries

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4-I love reading, that's my biggest passion

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5-I love English and I'm trying to learn it (so sorry if I make some mistakes)

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6-My favourite actor is Thomas Brodie-Sangster

thomas sangster image thomas sangster, newt, and the maze runner image Image by phaatchaa Image by Ani

7-I love music and I'm learning how to play the guitar

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8-My favourite subject is chemistry, so I would like to study it at the university next year

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9-I have a little sister and I love her

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10-My favourite colour is green

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I hope you enjoyed!!