Adam: shut up, we didn't ask you anything.

Djena: You're not really in position to speak, she said, given a cold look.

"Do not pay attention to him," she said, turning to face the group with a warm smile.
He let out a nervous laugh and ran his hand through his hair. She was wasting her time trying to be friend with everyone, he thought.

Ivy: Yes, I said lets have a drinks this Saturday night at my party, you get my invite !
She said, speaking more to Adam than Djena. He moves away from the group, not liking how the situation has turned. He hated that girl's vibe. It seems like every word she's saying was turned into a bullet.

Adam: it'll be without me, he said lefting the group.

Djena: What? Wait, you got to be kidding me, don' left me now ! She whispered, she tried to catch him in vain and as she followed him closely, she succeed to grab his arm, forcing him to stop.

Adam: I think I was pretty clear. He said, moving his arm back as he leave.
Ivy: If you change your mind, there's an after-party, she shout loudly enough for Adam to hear.
He was paralyzed for a moment, but left without looking back, as Ivy's heart breaking at very step he took.

Djena turns to face the group facing troubles to swallow her saliva and pride.
Djena: we'll certainly be there, at least we'll do our best, so see you next time, as she quickly ran to Adam, which irritated Ivy who felt her heart become heavier.
Seeing them so close make her feel as the air run out in the world, she was almost
The closeness between the two sucked all the air around her.

The small group turns to Ivy, investigating his reaction. Her game was tarnished for a while and she knew they knew it. She smiles at them, which is reassuring because she has not been ignored or even contradicted.

Ivy: I'll leave you girls, see you tomorrow, she said friendly to the girls. Once she was far from them, she felt the air tighten around her.
"All this air is oppressing me," she thought.