Confidence is not about feeling better than others. Confidence is believing in your self, when nobody else does.

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♡ How to love your self, it is one of those things that nobody teaches you, so you got to work on that every single moment of your life.♡

Here, some tips I suggest you, just to stay motivated and believe more in your self:


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Please girl, or man, stop doing that!! Stop thinking “ Why she got that bomb ass body while I am so fat!“
If you want something, go get it instead of complaing. Stop thinking about what they doing, but just focus on your self baby girl, and I assure you that you won't even have the time to check what other people do.


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To become more confident, you have to spend some quality time by your self, this could be a good way to discover more about who you are and accept it.


Exactly, you have to be honest with your self. Don't give up in front of the things that scare you, actually don't you dare think that you aren't good enough!

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Once you will face your fears, you will underestand that nothing can't stop you. The only thing that stops us, is our mind and the conviction that we won't make it.

Guess what? We can do everything.