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It's been a while since I've been able to write an article, sorry! But I finished the exams and I'm free hehe. I have some ideas for several articles that are reminders for summer, and the first, obviously, is about water.
Water is always necessary, but even more in summer, with heat.

A curiosity:
Hydration not only influences the body but is also very important for the optimal functioning of our mind.
A small dehydration is enough to negatively affect the ability to concentrate, causing even headaches and even dizziness. Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to perform an exercise or intense physical effort to suffer a deficit of hydration. In fact, even when in a state of rest there is a danger that the organism will lower its level of hydration because the organs continue to consume the liquids that make up the tissues.
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How much is water per day recommended?

Actually, each person consumes a different amount of water depending on their age, habits, health and physical condition among many other factors.
Generally, it is recommended to consume at least 2 litres of water per day, but of course, there may be people who need more.

An example, if you practice sports, obviously you will need much more than 2 litres.

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You have to know: (very obvious but necessary to know)

If you are thirsty, drink, and when you are satiated, stop.
In periods when you do a lot of exercises or get very hot, drink enough water to compensate for the loss of fluids.
If your goal is the loss of kilos, it increases the daily water consumption and, mainly, it consumes water before each meal: approximately 2 litres a day.
However, do not abuse the water either, since you could reach a state called "hyperhydration", in which your body can not get rid of all the water you consume.

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It works by maintaining the health of the cardiovascular system, it provides better functioning of the heart. Improves blood circulation, promoting blood flow.

It helps to stay young and to preserve the health of the skin because it provides external hydration.

The best depurative because it cleanses the body, activating the liver to eliminate toxins and kidneys to contribute to its proper functioning.

It contributes to having a better digestion of food.

It is essential for the maintenance and loss of body weight, as it provides hydration without any calorie to the body.

It raises the energy of the body, maintaining the levels of hydration.

Reduces the risk of cancer, headaches and other problems that affect health.

Maintains moisture in skin, mucous membranes, cells, tissues, organs and body system that need to be hydrated for proper functioning, prevent and cure diseases.

This is all! I hope you liked it and this has interested you. See you in the next article, many kisses. !
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