About Me

guy, long hair, and man image witchcraft, witch, and candle image tea, autumn, and witch image hair, men, and guys with long hair image long hair, Hot, and guy image candle, witch, and magic image
Antonio "Andy", A witchboy

My Family

gif, charlie swan, and billy burke image twilight, forks, and twilight saga image forks, places, and washington state image aesthetic and police image charlie, charlie swan, and burke as charlie image beautiful, birds, and black image
The Swan Family


wolf and aesthetic image la push, wa, and olympic peninsula image nature image aesthetic, fantasy, and fur image wolf, animal, and art image forest, nature, and tree image
The shapeshifters

My Aesthetic

beautiful, nature, and plants image book and herbs image Image by 找寻出路 book, autumn, and fall image herbs and magic image potion and wicca image
Warm Cottage

My Style

fashion, blue, and style image clothes, photography, and shirt image beige, cold, and scarf image boots and boy image boy, step, and brown image shirt, clothes, and plaid image
Soft angsty teen lumberjack

My Friends

eclipse, twilight saga, and werewolf image jacob black, new moon, and twilight image mike newton image twilight, la push, and eric image
Jacob, Quil, Embry / Mike Newton, Eric Yorkie


metalhead, funny, and long haired guy image
romantic, black and white, and dark image friends, quotes, and funny image bubble, girls, and bubbles image bath, day, and foam image bitch, funny, and quotes image bisexual, lgbt, and gay image
Gay, sarcastic and nice