Hello everybody!
well summer is incredible season but sometimes we don't know what to do with all time we have. so here are some ideas how to spend time while holiday.

1 read a book
2 go to the cinema
3 go out for a walk around your neighborhood
4 watch a movie
5 listen to music

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6 visit a museum
7 take care about your nails
8 watch the sunset
9 buy flowers
10 clean your room

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11 go for a spontaneous trip
12 play with a pet
13 hang out with your friends
14 play board games with friends/family
15 take a nap

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16 go to the beach
17 plan your week/month
18 work out
19 go shopping
20 organise a party

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21 sunbathe
22 cook
23 surf on the internet
24 take a bath
25 make bubbles

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26 make some new friends
27 watch series
28 check out lyrics of your favorite songs
29 call a friend
30 take photos

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that's all for now. I hope you enjoyed this article and thanks for reading!