As i am a really big Fan of Skam and i have watched all the remakes i was really inspired by the Skam tag. Today i saw a article about Skam Italia and i wanted to write an article about the German remake of Skam called DRUCK.

Girls Squad

druck, girl squad, and versão alemã image

Favourite female Characters

chris, druck, and Sam image gif, druck, and skamde image
Actually i think all the girls are pretty awesome but in this first season it had to be Sam and Amira.

Favourite male Character

skam and druck image
Jonas Augustin, he is one of my favourites in all the remakes.

Favourite Couple

hanna, jonas, and skam image
This is my favorite couple in season 1.

Awesome Moments

couple, skam, and tv show image gif, druck, and skamde image chris, druck, and noora image gif image gif image boy, skam, and guy image

I hope you enjoyed this <3
Once they have a second season i will make another :)