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I've wanted to write this article for a long time, but I never did because I was afraid that people wouldn't wanna read it, because it's something I'm really interested about, but many people aren't. It's about a person I admire very much: James Charles.
If you don't know who James Charles is, he is a 19 year old male makeup artist. He started on instagram and moved on to Youtube, where he has now over 5 million subscribers.

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He's incredibly creative and incredibly talented. He's making millions at the age of 19 and he's staying himself along the way. He's not afraid to express himself, even though society today is still a little hesitating towards lgbtq and guys wearing makeup, but he does it with such pride. He's not afraid to wear dresses, heels and crop tops, he doesn't hide the fact that he uses photoshop at all and his Coachella outfits rocked everyone's world. I admire him very much.

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I really like his personality. He's ambitious and self-secure but really kind towards people he loves. He gets so much hate thrown at him every day and still he's rising like there's not tomorrow. James is known for the many scandals he had and people still bring them up (dude he's young, how can you expect him to be perfect?) but he's grown so much from them and if you've watched his videos, you know that he brings them up himself as a joke #FlashbackMary :)

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He's one of those people that I really want as my best friend, because I think he's one of those people, that can be a nightmare when you've gotten off on a wrong foot, but the best thing in your life when you get along. And somehow his personality really speaks to me.

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He's got a hot younger brother too lol. That one is something different though. I actually really like Ian (his brother), but I think that the sudden fame he's getting through James, whilst being only 16, is getting to his head. I think he still has to learn and grow a lot, and that there will be a fair share of scandals coming for him too. James is more business-oriented and a bit mature in that field, so I don't know if Ian will be able to handle the fame very well and if he wants to work for it himself, cuz right now it's all through James and he doesn't have to do much.

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Again, I know this is a pretty useless article and not many people will read or like it, but I don't care. I just wanted to express how much I admire this person and I really hope you check him out on YouTube. He's already got millions of followers, but he deserves the world. The effort he puts into his career is outstanding.

I hope you enjoyed this article and if not, I'm sorry, too bad.
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