• Sit next to someone and feel at home.
  • Make an ideal photo after a million attempts.
  • dream about your favorite places and people.
  • pain in muscles after an adventure.
summer, beach, and girl image beach, girl, and summer image
  • when they bring food from the restaurant.
  • Cute things that people say that help to feel good.
  • A film that tears you to pieces.
  • listen to the song for the first time and understand that it was created especially for you.
  • The ideal temperature of tea.
drink, city, and cocktail image
  • Talk with someone who understands how you feel.
  • Pleasantly smelling lotions and soap.
  • Look back and understand how much better you have become
  • Finish doing what you have been working on for so long
  • To be in the place that the years dreamed of
beach, sea, and summer image

Love u, Victoria :3