Hello! today I will explain some original presents that I love.

1.Five senses box.

bff, christmas, and diy image box, Dream, and pink image box, christmas, and colors image
This present would be a box where you put a gift related to each sense: sweets (taste), clothes (touch), film (sight)...


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Sticking balloons on the ceiling with photos, I think it's a great idea.I'm looking forward to doing it to a friend.

3.box full of rich food.

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I love this idea and we all like the sweet.

4. As many presents as your age.

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It is difficult to find so many gifts but very original.


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6. A book with your history and memories.

diy image diy image
You can add tickets to cinemas or concerts.


rose image aesthetic, photography, and roses image flowers, pink, and tulips image flowers, white, and bouquet image
I love so much the flowers.

I hope that you like follow me for more articles of inspiration. <3