Hi guys,today i'm back with my summer morning routine.I decided to write this article,because it's been a while since the last time i wrote about my routine.This is my realistic routine that i try to follow almost everyday in order to be productive and healthy.Also,i try to take care of myself/body and take advantage as much as i can of my summer break.Without further,let's begin.Enjoy!!
My first morning routine
First things first,i usually wake up at 10:00am.In the summer, i let myself sleep in,because my schedule isn't so strict as it used to be the rest of the year.
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Next,i drink a glass of water,because it' really important to drink water on an empty stomach after waking up.Next,i always check my phone and by this i mean all my social media ( let's be real,we all do that).
After that,i usually eat breakfast.For example,i eat a bowl of cereal and some fruits.Obviously,i drink a ton of water,because it's summer and i have to stay hydrated.
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Moving on,i try to workout for at least 45 minutes every day otherwise i like to do other activities.Everyday, iwant to be as active as i can in order to get stronger and stronger and clear my mind
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Once i am done with my workout i treat myself having a shower and listening to some relaxing music.It's really important to have some time for yourself.
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Last but not least,i want to be a girlboss even in the summer so,i read some books or write some articles there on we heart it.{Also,guys a reminder that this summer i am going to write more articles for you.Stay tuned}
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This is my summer moring routine.I truly hope you enjoyed it.Feel free to send me a postcard or tag if you write the same article! See y'all next time which will be coming very soon.