hi loves!! i'm back and better than ever <3

b a s i c
i n f o

name: julia
age: 22
birthday: june 22th
star sign: cancer

career/what i'm famous for:
model & singer

Image by sündos drink, champagne, and paris image

brown hair with dark brown eyes. hair in a messy bun or ponytail or curls. plump lips and simple makeup . always smiling & a nice body.

aesthetic, beautiful, and black and white image black and white and fashion image

thankful, chatting with fans, unique, nice, and crazy. shy but outgoing.

braids, clothes, and fashion image girl, hair, and accessories image

chic, classy. parisian style. plaid, white and simple. formal dresses

fashion, girl, and style image rp and selenagomez image

photography, reading, painting, chatting, walking, fashion, modeling, writing stories and poems, working on a book, vintage camera's. drinking wine.

book, girl, and wine image Temporarily removed

where i live:
a view of the sea, mountains or the city. paris or new york

home, interior, and design image interior, decor, and decoration image

significant other:
harry styles, always harry styles.

Harry Styles, one direction, and 1d image Harry Styles image

girl best friend:
kendall jenner, dua lipa

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thank you for reading my latest article!


all the love, M.