Hello guys, this is my second article and today i'm going to write about probably the biggest problem for teenagers or maybe adults and yeah i'm talking about acne :(. A lot of people struggle with this problem or know someone who struggles with is so i wanted to write down some tips & tricks how you can improve your acne. I can't promise that these tips help for all people but at least you can try it. Have fun reading :p

1. Healthy Food.

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Please stay away from junk food, food with a lot of sugars in it , and the biggest of all diary but eat instead healthy food like fruit and vegetables or foods with a lot of fibers and healthy oils like avocado and nuts.

2. H20

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I'm not a person who says you must drink water but if you wanna help your body a little bit i say go for it and try to drink as much water if you want there is no good or bad. Btw if your not a water person or you don't like water try adding flavors to your water like fresh fruit.

3. Good Skincare

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Don't use too harsh products with a lot of chemicals in it because you think it is the best way to clean your face but you're only making your skin worser and worse. I really suggest to stop using those products and try some natural products. My favorite product is probably rose water because it tones my skin so good and my skin feels really clean after using. Btw i love shea butter too.

4. Sleep

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Sleep is very important for your skin so when you don't sleep enough or you have sleeping problems it can cause problems and maybe one of those problems is acne. I still have trouble with sleeping but something what really works for me is to do some yoga before sleeping. It sounds a bit silly but yoga really helps me to calm myself and get all the stress away.

5. Habits

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Touching your face to much , not cleaning your pillow , not washing your hands enough , wearing the same clothes or pajamas for too long , not showering after sporting. All those things can cause acne or even acne on your back.

6. Move

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Sporting is a good way to keep your body healthy because you're body is getting stronger and you feel active. But of course some people don't like too exercise and that's fine but try too move as much as you can even tho you're just walking nothing is wrong.

7. Stress

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You got ever acne when you had a stressful day or period well there you have it :).