Summer´s here, the temperatures are rising and school is coming to an end.
We as students are consumed by school and when it´s finally over, we sometimes don´t know what to do.

So here is a list of how to spend your free time!

  • organise & declutter your room

Over the school year a lot of stuff hoards in your room. The holidays are the perfect time to clean your room, throw unnecessary things away, organize your school stuff etc.

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  • spend quality time with friends

Get some fresh fruits, smoothies or a good bottle of wine, sit down at the beach or anywhere comfy and talk till the sun rises again.

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  • dance to your old jams

Put on some e.g. One Direction music and dance, laugh and forget everything around you. I promise you, you will feel really happy after your own little dance party.

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  • try out different types of sports

Sign up for a yoga class, go stand-up paddling or simply go for a run. Maybe you find your new favourite sport!

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  • learn a new language / refresh your language skills

Nowadays we have sooo many resources to learn new skills. No matter if you sign up for a class or if you study a language by yourself, give it a go!

some helpful articles

Try out the app "Duolingo", it´s great for beginners and advanced.
Follow my studyblr!

  • try journaling

No matter if you want to create an art journal or a travel journal, it´s a fun way to spend your time and it´s a creative activity.
Here are some collections, you can get inspirations from:

  • make some art

This one is pretty similar to the point above, but I really want to encourage you to make some art. It doesn´t have to be drawing, it can be photography, calligraphy, music and even dancing.

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  • go back to school shopping

Some love it some loathe it; back to school shopping. I, as a stationary lover, already look forward to it!
But don´t just buy billions of pens, highlighters, notepads etc. Write a list of things you really need, this will also save you/your parents a lot of money!
Remember; you don´t need everything!

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