Hello there, it’s Sara!
Today June 24, it’s a very special day for me. I just talked to my family, like half an hour ago, I took a shower, and now I’m writing this:
I finally came out to my family!
I’ve been waiting for an occasion to tell them, I don’t know why, they’re all pretty cool with the LGBTQ+ topic, so I’m not sure why I was so nervous. Sometimes our worst enemy is ourselves. So, back to storytime…
I was planning it, I had a speech ready, but at the end, it went as it went. We were having dessert and I just came out of the blue saying: “Hey I have news: next week I’m going out with someone, so we can get to know each other.” My sister asked “with a boy?” and that’s when I came out “No, it’s a girl. Her name is name of the girl I have a date with.” I was shaking, literally, but then my mom said “Yeah, ok.” And then we started talking about something else, keep on eating cake. Now my sister is asking me where we wanna go, what we’re going to do, how she looks… I think she’s so cute! My family is!
I’m sure it’s gonna be easier for me from now on, since I can be who I really am 24/7.