Hi :) So this is my first article ever ... please don`t be too hard on me especially with my english skills ..since I am not a native speaker.

drawing, teen wolf, and lydia image art and drawing image
Katalia ; 17 years old ; Birthday: 8 February 2001 (Aquarius) ; Lives in : Sydney, Australia with her family (moved there when she was younger)
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Medium height, average body type or size, brown/blond ombre but more blond, blue eyes,.. single, not because no one wants her but because no one can get her.. She is kind, ambitious , sometimes energetic and last but not least confident.
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She has two little tattoos (the ones on the photos) She has many ear piercings bc she loves wearing many earrings
fashion, gucci, and style image fashion, style, and girl image fashion, dress, and yellow image fashion, jeans, and style image
Her style is often kept simple. She loves wearing white clothes, converse and ripped jeans but if she feels like it, she wears bright happy colors like yellow or a beautiful green.
necklace, fashion, and jewelry image accessories, boho, and style image Image by αทαťҽɾɾα adventure, australia, and beach image
She doesn`t only wear earrings but she loves jewellery in general, that`s why she wears many golden necklaces or many bracelets or even anklets.
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She adores traveling and having adventures with her friends
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but she also enjoys long hot baths with candles or having a cozy day at home watching movies/Tv shows. Her favourite Tv Show is F.R.I.E.N.D.S
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She keeps a bullet journal in which she writes every single day.
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Her biggest interest is philosophy and everything that comes with it. She likes thinking about life and even questioning the meaning of it.
food, fruit, and healthy image fruit, food, and healthy image girl, yoga, and fitness image yoga, fitness, and fit image
She tries to avoid eating meat and she generally tries to eat healthy. Plus she also works out to keep her body fit.

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