These girls wish for a boy
whose supposed to bring joy
collect all the stars from the night sky
and have that cape to fly
to wherever you need hi to be
that's what these girls want to see

And don't get me wrong, it's damn romantic
but I don't need it to be that gigantic
let's keep the stars up in the sky
I'd much rather lie
right here and look at them for a while.
so, lay down next to me and smile
because I miss you
so, won't you look at the stars, too?

Some girls wish for a man of steel
one with great muscles and appeal
but you're always the smallest
getting beat up by the tallest.

Let me take care of the fighting
nit that you're in hiding
but I worry too much
to let you fight and such

Please, let me cool those bruises
with all the care one uses
to make your feel better
and not sadder.

I don't need your fists
throwing hits,
I need your hand in mine
and to know we'll be fine.

You are enough for me,
maybe no one else will see
but the most romantic thing to do
is simply say "I love you, too"

- A.L