the person you should love the most is yourself. to me, this was a complete new statement when i first heard it a few months ago, but i've come to realise that it's true.

you can't be waiting for a significant other to show up and love you. because he/she won't ever love you as much as you can.

look around

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you shouldn't love anyone more than you love yourself.

for the past months i have seen people who has been in a marrige for years get a divorce because they still need to find themselves. i have also seen so many youtubers break up for the same reason.

it's sad, but sometimes one should think that love isn't only about loving others. if you don't love yourself or life itself, then can you really love another? perhaps, you can.

however, heres a common phrase used by those people - "i can't live without you".

and no, sweetheart. you're never going to say that.

you're stuck with yourself forever

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it's you against the world, love.

it's such a big world and no matter how many people (friends, family etc.) you have, who might love you unconditionally. you must too.

learn to put yourself first and love yourself more than you love anyone else.

because life wil be so much easier if you do. there's so many people who self-loathe instead of loving themselves, which gives life a so much more negative perspective. for example, if you do a mistake you end up beating yourself up with it, because you aren't familiar with the good stuff about yourself.

and this is why loving yourself is important, because if you ever break up with someone else you will handle it so much better than those who doesn't. you will know that you have your perks and that even though a relationship came to failure, you still have yourself. if you ever make a mistake or your grades or whatever didn't reach your goals, you won't feel as bad because you know that they alone doesn't define you.

loving yourself means knowing yourself more.

become who you're looking for

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if you believe that happiness comes from someone else, then become that someone.

read the caption a few times.

don't say it's impossible. believe that you don't need anyone else. and who the f*ck said that you can't have the same characteristics as the person you're looking for? why is that person going to be the only one with that one personality?

you can become that person.

the only difference is the affection. and we are all human beings and need that, but that shouldn't be the key to our happiness.

the right people

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share yourself, because you know others deserve you too.

when you love yourself, you know what you deserve. you know how you should be treated. you know what kind of people that should stay in your life.

that's how you will be with someone and know that he/she is the one. you will know how you're meant to be treated because you treat yourself good too.

so many people push the people who cares/loves them away. that's a bad habit and it happens mostly because of self-loathe, but there will never come anything good out of it.

even though, i am telling you that you need yourself the most, doesn't it mean that you should be all alone. you need your friends and family as they need you in return.

but to be your best self and know what's best for you, you have to love yourself.

this is no recipe on how to love yourself, because you're the only one who can make up it for yourself. but i hope you realise that happiness comes from yourself and self-love, first of all.

love, camilla

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