As some of you probably saw on the title, it's spelt wrong, nah, i'm English so yeah, I'm unique to some people ;) jk, we're all the same 💕

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1.Stranger Things!!!
I'm pretty sure that almost everyone has heard this show and how it's been a big hit, with the cast winning awards but it's about this boy, called Will, went missing one night, while heading home. He was kidnapped by this thing and his friends had gone went looking for him when they found this girl hiding in the forest, Eleven. They kept her living in the basement and found out she had supernatural powers. she could help find will. That's only season one and they're around 40 minutes long but I managed it, I think you could too XD oh yeh, mike likes Eleven ;)

2.On My Block
Okay, this show is full of theories and puzzles. the puzzles connect in the end but I watched the season twice just to make sure my head made sense of it. This show is hard to explain but these kids: Ruby,Jamal, Monse, Cesar and Olivia sort of found themselves in a mess. while Jamal is trying to find $50,000 hidden somewhere, Monse, Cesar and Olivia found themselves in a love triangle but Ruby just wanted to interfere, because he likes Olivia as she moves in. You can find the full, better explanation on this by clicking this link: or copying it

3.The Kissing Booth!!!

This movie is of course, another love story and it's a movie, not a show. Ellie has this best friend, Lee, born on the same day and been with each other since day one but they kind of have a set of rules between them and one of them is not to go out with one of there family members. that's where Noah is, Lee's brother and practically the most popular boy in school. Then Ellie and Lee do a kissing booth. who does Ellie end up kissing, that's right, Noah Flynn, she then gets into a relationship with Noah and they both decide to 'tell him soon' but there was honestly no need. breaking one of their rules is like breaking a law😥

4.A series of Unfortunate Events!!! (the show)

The Baudelaire's parents had died in a tragic house fire. they were forced to live with their uncle until he neglected them and just wanted their money, from their parents and realised they can't be in the same house as this man. They carry on an unstoppable mission to escape their uncle, as he follows the 3 children, but as you may know, they are incredibly clever and they always outsmart him but this seems to be continuous. when will her ever stop?

5.Greenhouse Academy!! (show)

This show is about how Alex's and Hayley's loss of their mom, their dad loses his happiness and turns into this depressed dad that forgot all about the kids lives. The kids go to an academy and there is a bit of love involved, Hayley ends up going out with this guy called Leo. They try to unravel many mysteries, they all seem to get involved with these mysteries, also I haven't watched it ages, so I can't say further then that😂

6.Alexa and Katie!! (show)

Alexa has cancer but wants to hide it from her classmates, her bff, Katie, shaves all her hair off for her and helps her get through situation. while Alexa is a risk taker, Katie is not, Katie risks almost everything to help Alexa still feel like who she was before she got cancer. Katie even risks taking the rumour of the 'girl who has cancer' but then Alexa then stops all of it and then she speaks out the truth. in the seasons, Alexa wants to do things while she's trying to get through it, she wants to accomplish many things at the same time, even if it means getting in trouble. it's deep, got to tell you that!

7. Everything Sucks!!!

This is a show set in the 1996, I believe. Luke joins the AV club as he's a freshmen, joining high school with his friends, he likes this girl called Kate, 'the principles daughter' and becomes his girlfriend, it's a while within the relationship, Kate realises that she doesn't want to be in one with Luke, then she realises that she's a lesbian and Luke tries to help her not think the way she does... which doesn't make sense??? but there is more to it then just that! way more

8.Anne with an E!!

I think this is one of the cutest shows ever made! still waiting for season 2 but Anne is a poetic girl that dreams so big, her imagination is one of a kind! she definitely a fast talker and she talks more than most people. Anne is an orphan and she gets taken in by a women and her brother in Green Gables, and they think about on keeping her, it took a while for Anne to convince them but she eventually did. she goes to an new school, she meets a new friend, she meets a new boy!! Someone else likes him though, how will she deal with it if he gives her attention??? there is also more to it, the episodes are 40 mins to an hour, I can't remember but it is set in the olden times though :) it's really interesting, she can definitely put in her opinion.
set in late 1890's

season 1:

season 2:

That's all I have so, yeh I'm really sorry for all of his, this also took 3 hours to do because I was watching TV at the same time but we got there, well I was going to get up to 10 but yeh, it was lot aha

I hope you like these shows, again so sorry for babbling but I'm paying you back for hopefully catching your interest ~ DM me, or something, for questions or something x thanks for listening ❤ enjoy summer x or winter, wherever you are XD