Favorite TV show

wolf and house stark image crown and king image dragon image arya stark, game of thrones, and sansa stark image
Game of Thrones, definitly!

TV show that you're ashamed to admit you watch


Favorite character of a TV show

supernatural, mirror, and hate image Jensen Ackles and supernatural image Image removed quotes, sad, and supernatural image
Dean Winchester, of course!

TV show that you thought you wouldn't like but ended up liking it

couple, hug, and the walking dead image horse, sheriff, and the walking dead image zombie, rick grimes, and the walking dead image the walking dead, twd, and andrea image
The Walking Dead

Character of a TV show that you don't like anything about

DC, zoom, and the flash image zoom, the flash, and hunter zoloman image art, tv, and flash image Image removed

TV show in which you would live

shadowhunters, dominic sherwood, and katherine mcnamara image shadowhunters image shadowhunters and matthew daddario image art, books, and boys image
Shadowhunters, as a Shadowhunter!

TV show that reminds you of your childhood

freinds, ll cool j, and ncis image gif, eric christian olsen, and marty deeks image ncis image kensi, deeks, and ncis la image
NCIS Los Angeles

Biggest crush from a TV show

gif, bates motel, and max thieriot image gif, bates motel, and dylemma image dark, bates motel, and max thieriot image boy, gun, and bates motel image
Right now, Max Thieriot (SEAL Team)!

TV show with the best soundtrack

ruelle and music image ruelle and war of hearts image ruelle image music, artista, and ruelle image
Shadowhunters! I love Ruelle so much, I can't even explain!

A character from a TV show that you would like to play

on set, kensi blye, and daniela ruah image densi, eric christian olsen, and daniela ruah image eric christian olsen, daniela ruah, and ncis la image beauty, kensi blye, and daniela ruah image
Kensi Blye, of course! Just because... Daniela ♡

TV show that you have abandoned

arrow, oliver queen, and stephen amell image arrow, oliver queen, and felicity smoak image Image by andre11_1 Nina Dobrev, the vampire diaries, and elena gilbert image
Arrow and The Vampire Diaries

The most underrated TV show

teen wolf, scott, and stiles stilinski image teen wolf, crystal reed, and tyler posey image Image by Bruh Wang-Tuan gif, teen wolf, and scott mccall image
Teen Wolf, maybe

Favorite antagonistic character of a TV show

girl, wolf, and got image game of thrones, arya stark, and maisie williams image no one, warrior, and arya stark image Image by young_wild_girls
Arya Stark

TV show that everyone likes but you do not

tired, beautiful, and lové image beauty, mother, and strength image addison montgomery, grey's anatomy, and kate walsh image greys anatomy, kate walsh, and grey's image
Addison Montgomery

The best finale of a TV show

I didn't finished any yet... 🙄🙄

The best pilot of a TV show

Greys, grey's anatomy, and meredith grey image greys anatomy and wallpapers image ellen pompeo, meredith grey, and izzy stevens image grey's anatomy, meredith grey, and grey image
Grey's Anatomy, maybe

TV show you've watched several times


TV show that you need to see

station 19 and ABC image ABC, jaina lee ortiz, and station 19 image ABC and station 19 image grey’s anatomy and station 19 image
Station 19

Favorite relationship

grey's anatomy, couple, and love image always, house, and them image love, grey's anatomy, and quote image grey's anatomy, meredith grey, and derek shepherd image
Meredith and Derek, always and forever ♡

Best opening

fandom, game of thrones, and intro image game of thrones and got image game of thrones and Houses image got image
Game of Thrones

Hope you like it,
Cats ♡♡