hua hua zhang

23, 7 April 1995


aesthetic, grunge, and alternative image aesthetic, alternative, and kfashion image girl, asian, and korean image girl, body, and skinny image
tall, pale, large eyes, long legs and arms, kind of lanky, long hair, natural lips, skinny but healthy, very strong.


fashion, red, and style image fashion, black, and style image beige, model, and vans image girl, ulzzang, and asian image
dark, thick belts and jeans, colourful socks, always wear rings and earrings, keeps it interesting, likes to try new things with clothes, makes her own clothes sometimes.


japan, mountains, and travel image amazing, buddy, and worldwide image building, shanghai, and sky image ancient, asia, and asian image
originally from Foshan City (佛山) located in the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong Province in China. Lives In the mountains. Later moved to Shanghai. train at the kung fu centre and has since infancy.


Dubai, night, and night time image girl, book, and aesthetic image backpack, backpacking, and beautiful image girl, city, and night image
reading, learning about ancient history, watching movies, exploring unknown areas, the nighttime, caring for people.


quotes, flowers, and thorns image girl, quotes, and power image
a reserved person, very serious, won’t take anyone's shit, strong-willed and hardworking.


rain, japan, and red image tree, nature, and foggy image brave, girl, and black image flowers, shadow, and aesthetic image
parents abandoned her on the door of the temple when she was days old. the kung fu masters took her in and began training me as she as i could walk. i then became one of the best fighters in all of foshan. i then moved to shanghai as apart of a peacekeeping group. that group was then targeted by some chinese gangs and later killed off. being the only one remaining i was one the run for several years. after fighting off these people, i moved back to foshan before going to shanghai under a different name.