Aloha! Another aritcle. I like writing them, so yeahh :). This one is about my fav characters in series or movies! Hope you'll enjoy! <3

1. Riverdale

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Personally I really love Cheryl. I don't know. Even in her 'bitch-phase' I already loved her. I think I can see the pain she actually went through, and I probably supporterd her ever since.

2. Stranger Things

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With no doubt Dustin and Steve. I really love them both. I stan the friendship too btw. But if I really had to choose, I'll go with Steve. Because I just love his sarcasm.

3. Under The Dome

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Linda. I just love her. She's such a badass! Nothing to saymore about her.

4. The Rain

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It probably will be Martin. The way how he reacts to all the thing that happen in the series, will prpably be me in that situation. He's just really relatable for me. (I couldn't fins a pic with only him. I''m sorry).

5. The Kissing Booth

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The wole movie I was actully on the side of Lee. I think Lee reacted to the situation accactly like most people would. It was very realistic.

6. 13 Reasons Why

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Justiiiin, no doubt. At first I kinda disliked him 'cause he was a drug-adict, but later he started trying. He really tried.

7. Scream (Series)

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Another really relatable person for me: Aubrey. She wants to find out how and why. Thatwould be me too. Plus, she's a badass too.

8. Zoo

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Jackson is just great. He wants to find the truth about what happened and why. And once again: relatable.

9. Teen Wolf

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Oh my God. Theo is my all time crush. In Teen Wolf Theo was is hurten. But later he's accepted by the pack. I just love how he's bad but later turns into good.

10. The Hunger Games

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Katniss! I loved her from the beginning. Just how badass she is. I love her!

This is the end of my article! As you can see I'm not that main-character fan. But I'm just in love with badass characters! Haha. I hope you enjoyed this article! iIf you did, please leave a like!