pride tag - original
by @tbhcaleb

i was tagged by my friend @disposable

what's your name?
- sonja

what do you identify as?
- bisexual

bisexual, proud, and clouds image

can you give a definition of your label?
- the textbook definition of bisexuality is being attracted to both boys and girls, but i'd say i'm attracted to people (which may make me pansexual but really i don't see a huge difference between bi and pan and i'm more comfortable with the term bisexual. sexual identity is a mess really)

when did you realise it?
- on 8th or 9th grade i think (about 4-5 years ago)

do you have any lgbt+ friends?
- i do

do they have We Heart It?
- yes one of them, rasmus, who tagged me :D

did you come out? if not, do you plan on coming out?
- i did, i came out to my family two (? can't remember) years ago, they're all very accepting so my coming out wasn't a huge deal more like "ok, cool. good for you!"

who do you look up to sexuality/gender wise?
- no one really

have you ever had a lgbt+ partner?
- yes, my boyfriend is also bisexual

have you ever argued with homophobic people?
- not that i can remember, no

what's the best thing about being a part of the community?
- feeling united, feeling like i belong somewhere, it was very important to me at some point

what's the worst part?
- people who say shit like "76 genders" or stuff like that. they honestly make trans people look bad in the media <- completely agree with this answer

have you ever argued with teachers or any other kind of authorities (adults in general) because they were being homophobic?
- no

who's your favourite fictional gay couple?
- idk, it used to be alec and magnus from shadowhunters but i don't watch that show so much anymore

gif and shadowhunters image

have you ever been to a gay pride?
- nope

what did you wear? or what would you wear if you've never been to one?
- something snazzy and maybe i'd have wrapped myself in a pride flag lmao

have you ever been misgendered?
- no

have you ever seen someone being misgendered?
- yes

if yes, did you stand up for them? if no, would you?
- i did, my parents used to misgender my friend at first when he came out

who's your favourite lgbt+ singer?
- probably lynn gunn (from pvris) or brendon urie (i dont like him so muhc anymore tho, but he has his moments)

galaxy, lynn, and galaxy edit image

what's your favourite song lyric about lgbt+ pride?
- not sure

did social media help you accept yourself?
- it definitely helped me figure things out about myself and in that way helped me find a somewhat suitable lable for myself, but i've always accepted myself sexuality-wise

what's your favourite lgbt+ book?
- i used to re-read and re-read this book called "kaiken se kestää" which is a love story between two boys, i loved it but i guess i grew out of liking it at some point. still my favourite i guess

tuukka, kaiken se kestää, and luukas image

recommend 3 lgbt+ inclusive books
- i don't think i know that many (or if i do, can't remember, or if i can remeber they weren't worth recommending)

are you a stereotypical bisexual?
- probably not

what's your favourite acceptance quote?
- don't really know any

are you a pun and meme lover?
- definitely

thanks for tagging me bro this was cool B)