['Magic shop' is a psychodramatic technique that exchanges fear for a positive attitude.]

My steps were hesitant. Was it really alright to do this? It is nice to live in a dream until something happens that wakes you up. And when you realize that everything isn’t true, what does it mean to be alive then anyway?
Her eyes were focused on the small stand in front of her. A man wearing a white mask was looking at her.
Maybe at that point she would be back here again, trying to forget everything for the second time.
She looked around. This place… It looked dark and scary. Despite that, the floor was surprisingly beautiful. The blue lines painted a picture she could not distinguish well because of all the sand and damage done to it over the years. Still, it was like somewhere between all the dust and darkness, something beautiful was hidden. Maybe that was exactly what this place was. To, somewhere between all the darkness and all the bitterness, find hope.
She found herself taking another step towards the counter. Somewhere around the time she took that step, she felt an aching pain inside her heart. Her hand grabbed her shirt around the area of her chest. It was better this way. It was better to close her eyes. Living was already hard enough, she didn’t want to stay here. It’s easier to move on than to admit that something or someone in this world was wrong, was imperfect.
She was about to reach the stand when she heard a noise behind her. Her eyes met the eyes of the person wearing a mask, and before she realized it, she hid herself behind the stand.
She found herself sitting on the floor, listening to the footsteps of the person coming in. The sound of slow but steady footsteps. Her head tilted to the side so that she could peek at the person coming in.
He was wearing an off-white colored sweater. His hair was black and although she wasn’t close enough, she could see on his distinguished facial features, that he was Asian. The smooth white skin and dark eyes. She wanted to stop looking but couldn’t. He was really, just too beautiful. Her eyes fell on the earpiece he was carrying in his right hand. What would be his reason, to be in a place like this? What hurt him so much, that he came here?
His eyes met hers and her heart jumped. She quickly turned her head away so that he didn’t see her anymore. However, it didn’t change the fact that he’d already noticed her and he started walking towards her. She closed her eyes. Some awkward feeling hit her stomach.
“Hey, what are you doing here?” His voice was smooth. It suited him perfectly.
She wasn’t sure how to respond at his sudden question. I mean, really, what was she even doing here?
“I guess you could say, I got lost,” she responded. Those were the only easy words she could find to describe her situation.
He looked in her eyes once more and he teasingly poked her cheek with his finger.
“A beautiful princess like you shouldn’t get lost at a place like this.”
She was surprised by his gesture. There was so much kindness in his voice.
“I’m not beautiful and I’m also not a princess,” she whispered looking at the ground in front of her.
He squinted is eyes and looked at her really careful. Then he shook his head and smiled.
“No it’s true, no matter how you look at it, you’re beautiful. You must’ve looked in the mirror the wrong way,” he responded.
She started laughing.
“How can you look inside the mirror the wrong way?”
He stood up and looked at her.
“There are many ways to look the wrong way. Please be careful or you might get lost again.”
She was about to ask another question when he spoke.
“I have to go,” he said. His hand gripping the earpiece inside his hand more tight.
He walked away and something fell from his pocket. She reached out to pick it up and look at it more closely. It was the petal of a white lily. It was only then, that she realized she forgot to ask, what he was doing here. She rushed to stand up and follow him, clenching the white petal in her hand but by the time she reached the other side of the stand, he was gone. She sighted. The way he treated her so kindly, he was more like a prince than her being a princess.

[Inner beauty]

She turned around and her eyes met, the eyes of the man wearing the white mask again. A shiver ran down her spine. Scary, he was as scary as the real world. It was filled with things she couldn’t handle and wanted to run away and hide from. Beautiful or not, she did not want to return.
A voice woke her up from her thoughts. A young man wearing a jacket with a color she could not describe very well. Metallic blue purple-ish. His black hair was rough and messy but it gave him a cool rogue-ish look.
“Are you gonna go there or not? There are people waiting here.” He pointed at himself.
He sighted.
“I really hate people like you.”
“What?” she was so shaken by his words that she didn’t know well how to respond. What did he even know about her?
“You heard what I said. It’s people like you that aren’t going to accomplish anything because your too much stuck inside your head.”
He walked past her and placed a white lighter on the counter of the stall.
“Sometimes it’s better to just do, instead of overthinking. If it’s doing something you like, you’ll end up in a good place anyway.”
She was about to cuss him out for saying that he hated her but something stopped her. There was something about his words that reached her. His words were rough around the edges but they did seem to come from a good heart.
The masked man at the desk handed him a yellow lollypop and the guy seemed to be content with what he’d gotten.
“Focus on the sweet stuff in in front of you, instead of all the mountains,” he pointed out while putting the lollypop inside his mouth. “They won’t disappear anyways.”
She could hear his footsteps fading away. Echoing like a song stuck inside her mind. Filling her with more courage.
Maybe he was right, maybe she just shouldn’t think too much. She wanted to take another step again. This time for sure, she would make it to the man with the mask. However, her legs were shaking, her hands were trembling. She couldn’t move.


“Hello there!”
A voice startled her and she quickly turned around to look at the person standing behind her.
He giggled. “Ah I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.”
His eyes were like the opposite of the person she just saw. The warmth and kindness, was shown right on his face. He took a few steps in her directions and she noticed that, the slow pace and movement of his steps were kind of sexy. He must’ve learned to walk that way, maybe he was a dancer. He wore a black leather jacket, a white stained shirt and a black, wavy-shaped shocker.
“Are you alright?” he asked.
She wanted to nod but noticed that her hands were still trembling. So, she tried to open her mouth to say ‘yes’, but there was no sound leaving her. What was wrong with her?
His eyes took her in and she held her breath. ‘Say yes’, she demanded herself, but a memory flashed through her mind and she just got stuck.
“I…” she wanted to say something, explain herself. But there were just not enough words to describe what she was feeling. The aching pain in her heart that returned and some heaviness inside her throat, something was burning behind her eyes.
“There was just, this thing I was doing…” she tried to explain. Her voice was trembling but she held on to his warm gaze. “and I… I realized I did not like it at all.”
“You didn’t like doing what you were doing,” he repeated her words and he nodded encouraging her to keep going.
“Yes exactly,” she laughed. “So, I stopped myself from doing it…”
It had taken her all the courage she could get from inside.
“Wow, that must’ve been difficult for you,” he said and he pated her head. “Such a strong girl.”
She smiled.
“Yes, but then I fell down really hard and now I don’t know how to stand back up again.” As soon as the words left her, a tear started running down her face. She wanted to move on like that guy from earlier said. Move back on her feet. She wanted to be strong. All the weight, that she carried with her, she wanted to somehow be able to place it back on her shoulders and move on. Like she was supposed to do. Like she always did. Like people always expected her to, but she couldn’t.
She didn’t want to cry in front of him. There was a reason that he was here, and it might be just as messed up as her reason, maybe worse.
He placed his finger on the frown on her forehead and she felt how some of the heaviness started to fade away. She wondered how he did that.
“Maybe I’m too much stuck inside my head to move on,” she sighted telling him the words that that guy told her earlier.
He patted her head with his hand, messing up her hair. “You should relax more. Don’t take life so serious. Even if that means you want to stay here a bit longer, take your time. I know you will be able to find your way out anyway, some day. I believe in you.”
She held his gaze. There was something inside those eyes that was genuine. Not a grain of doubt. Faith that she would be able to do it someday. The trust she couldn’t find in herself. Everything and everyone around her, always seemed to expect so much from her. Like, in this imperfect world, she needed to be the one that was perfect.
“Don’t worry you can do it, once you’re ready.” He patted her hair one last time and then turned around in the direction of the masked man.



Dear fellow Army (;

I based this story on the 'fake love' official teaser 1. I was hesitant to put this thing up because there is obviously a message behind “into the magic shop” and since I have not read the book from James R. Doty yet, where (part of) the album is based on. I might have messed up the meaning. If you want to know the real meaning behind that teaser/album, you could read the book or there are also a lot of theories about it on youtube, make sure to check them out.
I did enjoy writing this, since I enjoy the mystery and magical feeling behind it. I hope you enjoyed it too. I always feel like BTS gives me inspiration and courage in my own life. So I tried to reflect Jin, Suga and J-hope's also in a way that might inspire you guys.
I am working on the second part where RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook will appear but it will still take some time to finish it.
I wish you all a lovely day filled with things that you love and nice music.