So I have no idea what i want to with my life or what i want to be when i ‘grow up’.

What i do know is that i want to do something that makes me happy. "What would that be?" you might ask... I have no idea.

But i do have some small things i’d like to achieve one day!

anthony kiedis, band, and bass image acoustic, boys, and guitar image
1. Play the (bass)guitar, always have.
car, travel, and vans image girl, sky, and travel image
2. Visit as many places as i possibly can.
friends, car, and Road Trip image autumn, photography, and travel image
3. Go on road trips with friends and visit random places on the way.
city, room, and view image interior, plants, and apartment image
4. Get my own apartment/house. (maybe with a friend)
puppy image australian, blue, and dog image
5. Get my own doggo.
aesthetic, john lennon, and camel image Image removed
6. Have a huge vinyl collection.
5sos, luke hemmings, and calum hood image Harry Styles, pink, and harry image billie eilish, aesthetic, and billie image blackbear, bear, and idfc image
7. Meet my idols. (there are more)
friends image friends, friendship, and hug image
8. Meet my ibf's.
book, vintage, and letters image book, vintage, and notebook image
9. Write songs/poems.
blue, heaven, and photography image city, sky, and fly image
10. Bungee jump/skydive

That's it for this article!
I could come up with more so maybe i'll do a pt. 2