Pretty straightforward, me in the Teen Wolf universe.

Name: Anthony Branner


guy, long hair, and man image brown eyes and eyebrows image aesthetic, Hot, and tan image handsome, men, and sexy image
Long brown hair, brown eyes


Image by Micah's heart badass, jacket, and jaw image black, fashion, and leather image kawaii, black haired, and guys with long hair image
Dramatic rocker


candle, witch, and magic image tarot, cards, and magic image potion, magic, and harry potter image dark and magic image
A witch

My Family

belleza, mujer, and madurez image nature, autumn, and forest image witch, wicca, and herbs image girl, hair, and ginger image guy, long hair, and man image book, autumn, and fall image
Grandmama, Mother and I, no relation to existing families


witch, herbs, and candle image plants, nature, and earth image herbs, witch, and magic image book, tea, and the hobbit image
Gentle Cottage Witch


gimli image quotes, free, and movie image quotes, cat, and love image harry potter, quotes, and movie image quote, sad, and salem image cat, quotes, and cry image


dylan o'brien, teen wolf, and stiles stilinski image Image by Coffee and Cigarettes Image by Coffee and Cigarettes dylan o'brien, teen wolf, and boy image
Scott & Stiles