Pretty straightforward, me in the teenwolf universe.

Who I am

long hair, Hot, and guy image candle, witch, and magic image tarot, cards, and magic image 90's, beautiful, and Funk image guy, long hair, and man image potion, magic, and harry potter image
Andy, a Witch-son

My Family

belleza, mujer, and madurez image nature and autumn image witch, wicca, and herbs image girl, hair, and ginger image guy, long hair, and man image autumn, book, and fall image
Grandmama, Mother and I, no relation to existing families

My Style & Aesthetic

Image by Micah's heart witch, herbs, and candle image beautiful, gorgeous, and inyourhands image badass, black, and jaw image kawaii, long haired men, and black haired image book, tea, and the hobbit image
Dramatic and Gothic in the streets, warmhearted cottage witch in the sheets

Saying and Quotes

gimli image quotes, free, and movie image cat, quotes, and love image harry potter, quotes, and movie image quote, sad, and salem image cat, quotes, and cry image

And Voilà, there you have it. I left "Love Interest" and "Friends" out, due to being a pretty much cool with anyone and not being able to decide.