Hey to whoever is reading this you're an amazing person.
I honestly don't know what this article is going to be on and I'm typing whatever pops into my brain so this is going to be a really hectic piece to read and really messy but enjoy.

Anyway, I wanted to address how many times do we address the things that we are grateful for such as school, our family, our friends, our home, our life and existence and there are so many other things we should be grateful for. let's focus on the one thing our generation is solely focused on which is Social media. I know there are positive parts of social media but on an occasional basis or maybe rarely we pick up our phones when in the presence of our family or friends. This is fine like you're not entitled to not checking Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat but this sometimes leads to individuals putting online life as a priority than the presence of their friends as a priority. Which kinda leads to people believing that gaining more likes and attaining popularity as more important but trust me when I say this, popularity is not going to matter when you realise that your true friends have left due to you leaving them for trying to gain this intangible thing called popularity. We come to the conclusion that we weren't grateful for what we did have till we lost what we had.

I know this is really messy but I did enjoy typing this and if you guys enjoyed it as well, let me know because I might start a collection of these like "We aren't grateful for_____" Send me suggestions or ideas on what I should do them on.
I hope you enjoyed reading this and thanks for reading.