Hello there.
Unlike my other posts this post can be slightly bad and dark bc I shared my opinion honestly. I really don't think that anyone deserves to be opinionated or judged but I somehow wanted to share my opinion out loud which can be a little painful for some people.
Today I want to share 30 of my * UNPOPULAR* opinions.
This is just my opinion so some crazy fans need to chill,
Grab the popcorn and let the DRAMARAMA begin!!

<Warning: this article contains opinions that may not suit your taste, I can not guarantee you that you will not be heated after reading this>

1. In my opinion Big Bang is that one group that will never ever happen to K-pop again. Like seriously they are a blessing to Kpop and would never be outshine by any other group so newbies DON'T YOU DARE to COMPARE your OPPAs to BIG BANG.

2. BLACK PINK is the best gg don't even come at me :|
DDu Du DDu Du ended you all so I hit you with the same thing.
P.S. Really is a BOP!!!!!

3. EXO is more than a Kpop boy group to me. With them, I laughed, I cried. I was happy and sad with them. They are just so pure and Nothing can change the fact that they were the group that established many concepts that other groups now copy off of.

4. I.O.I was far off better than Wanna one. Don't get me wrong lai kuan lin is my cutie pie but I seriously can't love wanna one's music.

5. I don't hate kang Daniel but I hate the fact that cameras always show him. I just want to freaking watch Seong wu and Dae hwi doing their stuff.

6. "Baby don't stop" is the best song made by a duo.

7. Sehun is talented. Chew on facts that he is richer, handsomer and more famous than you or your oppa will ever be.

8. Ikon deserves all the love ppl give them. they worked hard and now its the time that they eat off of it.

9. Lee Donghae is the most handsome member in Super Junior.
Lo Siento is a BOP.

10. yes BTS is famous but they are not humble at all. I really really don't appreciate their attitude ( some of them are so so dark and full of themselves)

11. In general Army as a fandom is full of toxicity. I say this bc my BFF is an army and girl I can't even say I don't like this about bts she freaking attacks me like a crazed animal like chill out bish. And yes I've never seen a nice army. it's hard to trust them( even the nice ones are scary). Honestly they have the so called campaigns for "LOVE yourself" and whatnot but they are the ppl that need to love themselves more and not act like a bunch of kids fighting over who's doll is better. Also, I beg you! Stop attacking ppl. it's not cool.

12. If we ignore 10-11 about BTS then Jin is my DADDY.

13. BTOB has the best ballads as a boy group.

14. Monsta X deserves a Daesang. Like my jaw dropped due to their last comeback.

15. Sorry but Nayoung from Twice is annoying. Like as much as I like Twice I can't bring myself to like her. to me she's the black hole of twice

16. Sm is a dirty snake for ruining SNSD's 10th year anniversary.
I still can not get over the fact that they shattered all of my hopes for their cb.

17. I hope that Chung ha and Samuel remain soloist. I believe it's a shame to put them in a group and make them not look as unique as they are rn.

18. Xiumin is a vampire. like wtf he looks younger every year. and 3-4 years ago when I became an EXO-L I was shook that Sehun was the maknae and not Xiu. Like seriously???

19. Vixx latest cb should have received a better response. ya'll rats:|

20. Mamamoo's moonbyul song with seulgi is the best collaboration in the whole kpop industry.

21. I think dark/bad girl concept suit Redvelvet really well. "bad boy" was the best song sang by them.

22. K.A.R.D is the uniquest kpop group. from being silly to swaggy they have no chills. I love them so so much.

23. I hate the fact that EXO did not come to USA for Elyxion. how tf that's a worldwide tour when they only went around Asia?

24. SVT has the best lightstick.

25. YG is the best company in my opinion. Yang hyun suk can be shady for keeping the artists from having a cb for a long time but at the end of the day you know you are in good hands and won't be as much in disadvantage as you might think.

26. Winner's really really was song of the year for last year and mama did YG artists so dirty.

27. MAMA is a rip off and I promise myself every year that I would not vote but I fail every time bc I don't freaking want any rat to think that Exo-Ls lost power but at the end of the day the jokes on my bc LOL all the awards are distributed like a charity.

28. it's so cringey seeing western artists talk about kpop. its like watching penguins complimenting leopard seal. it unbearable to watch. westerns should stay in their zone.

29. I think kpop groups should disband when they are still popular I hate to see some iconic groups disbanding bc they lose fan.

30. Monster and Lotto era was and is the best of EXO's era.

1. Kpop is better than pop. sorry not sorry.
2. I hate it when fans go crazy over views on YT. Music is for you to enjoy not for you to fight.
3. Like idol like fan evil laugh