Name: Melody Jones
Age: 18 (Cousin of Jughead)


hair, girl, and fashion image eyes, girl, and brown image bikini, girl, and fashion image mirror and girl image
A tall girl, skinny, sweet eyes


acne, bum, and fashiom image girl, boy, and equality image fashion, aesthetic, and clothes image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, girl, and style image Image by a e s t h e t i c .
A relaxed style

Home on Riverdale

city, building, and apartment image home, bedroom, and room image car, vintage, and aesthetic image cat, cute, and animal image
She has an Combi and a cat

What does she like

book, art, and math image art, blue, and drawing image dance, ballet, and ballerina image photo, starbucks, and polaroid image
Art, read, photography, ballet


quotes, win, and lose image lips, quotes, and aesthetic image quotes, goodbye, and book image movie, feelings, and quotes image
She has a broken heart but she use sarcasm a lot and pretend she has not feelings