There’s these two boys in my class that I think are gay and will end up in love with each other, if they aren’t now.

I don’t think they’re gay because they act like it, which they don’t. It’s not because they’re both anti-social and are best friends. It’s because neither seem to have no interest in girls and one of them even said about the other, “___ has no interest in people of the opposite sex.”

But the reason I think they’ll end up in love with each other is because they look at each other like they are the only one that matters. It’s because both of them instantly light up when they’re with each other. It’s because neither can seem to stand being without each other despite having many other friends. It’s because I saw the look one of the pair’s face when they seperated a bit.

It happened twice in the same week. The first time was in PE where the other had set up the court, while he sat there with the rest of the class, unable to stop looking back with a mad expression as if it meant that the other would come back sooner. His face basically said ‘I hate you for leaving me here without you’. I find it quite cute really.

The second time the other walked away from him to tease their friend for a bit. He just watched on with glaring eyes, never once leaving the other while sitting stubbornly on the table. They were only two meters away, but he was without him and that enough. It truly did look as if he wanted to tug the other back to their spot, but instead he watch on and made that upset look on his face as if he expected the other to magically sense it and come back to. Which, in fact he did a moment later.

No matter what, I know they will stay together, because neither of them can live life happily without the other. At least that is what I know for sure.

Michaslk Essy.

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