Personally, I don’t believe in love at first sight. To me, love is something that happens slowly and over time, that's why it is called falling in love. I do believe in that feeling of being blown away and just being stunned by how dope a person can be. When we first met I couldn’t wait to learn about you and love you. So here are the little things I love about you...

I didn’t fall in love with you right away but with the little things, you did for me
I fell in love with you when you remembered that I hate onions on my food so you made sure to take them off
I fell in love with you when you told me I was beautiful every morning when I still had bedhead
And loved you, even more, when you sent me pictures of stuff that remind you of me
When you made me soup and tucked me into bed when I was sick
The way you rested your hand on my back when you knew I was nervous
I love how thoughtful you are of other people and treat everyone equally
I love when you are happy because it changes my day from bad to good
I love your obsession with hockey and how passionate you are
I love you in every way possible
And I'll love you every day as much as I can, for as long as I can
I promise you…I love you