If you haven't noticed yet by my username, I'm a misanthrope. Like I hate society and it is a huge part of my life. And I wish I could explain it easily, but I can't, so this whole article is going to be some of my problems with it and why.

DISCLAIMER: I'm just talking about some kind of people, not assuming or saying everyone is the same, just talking about how I see the world and how most of the people around me are.

First: I just can't with this whole idea of beauty and how they respond to something different. Like, I don't know if you have seen or heard (and this is just one example that just crossed my mind) about all the drama that is going with Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash (#NotSpons, but #ShouldBe lol), but this is all about how she thinks she's too fat for him, etc, not going to go further, but, some people are or too heartless or too stupid to say she's overreacting and being dramatic, like this is a real issue society has put into a lot of people, like, she's not exaggerating, she's just seeing the world like she has learned how to. If you want to understand more go to see their videos lol, but I'm just saying that lately if a woman is "too fat" is bad, and that's really fucked up and it can cause a lot of triggers and people just don't care. A woman, and honestly, anyone is beautiful just the way they are, and the appearance should be the last of their concerns.

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Second: Their constant misunderstood to mental illnesses. Like, come on, if someone is schizophrenic, is not going to kill or whatever bad thought crosses your mind. A schizophrenic can live just the way you do. And I'm talking just about schizophrenia, I'm talking about every mental illness or disorder, like depression, if someone has depression, they don't have to be depressed all day, every day. And, I'm going to quote someone whose article about depression, I saw here, I think and it goes like

There's a common misconception that if someone is depressed, they never feel okay and never smile. This can leave sufferers feeling confused and guilty during respite periods"

And I have never read something that real, I mean, yes, I have gone through that. About social anxiety, that "it´s just shyness", nope, it isn't, OCD, and how they think it is just about cleaning a lot, omg, and here I'm talking about the ones that are most frequent, but, if they are like this with those, can you even imagine with the ones you can't see daily? so many more illnesses that people get so wrong and don't even bother to comprehend.

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Third: How they go behind trends. For example, when Stephen Hawking died (Rip you incredible human), then all these white bitches started to bother to look up for him, posting things about his movie, his books, why do you do this? you didn't even know him till the moment everyone was talking about him. Or how they just like this kind of music cause it's trending, or the music video, or simply to get more attention they go with the unpopular opinion. And, I'm saying this, for the people that just do it to get attention and they think their opinion is more important than everyone else's. Oh my god, have you seen those girls that are just lesbians, bisexuals, pansexuals, etc, just because it's showing up more? like, give me a break. (Not to show hate to the LGBT+ community, I love them, but some people are really faking it all).

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Four: And I think this one is the one that pisses me the most and it is how people on this century can still be homophobic, racist, sexist, and all that kind of haters without justifications, even more, when they have to scream they are, keep those things to yourself, asshole.

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Okay, I think that's all. I think I just had to explain a little bit how and why I'm a misanthrope lol, but not just that, I can't explain it, and if someone can, then give him/her a big award, because hating people is just something that happens without explanation lolol.

Also, tell me if you can relate to this for me to not feel alone lol.

Also, I'm sorry for this long ass article lol.