Lets be honest ... the only good guys are guys in movies
Also please don't get triggered I have strong opinions

I sit in my room questioning why no guy likes me. Then, I remember that at any time I can pop on Netflixs and fall into a dream world where some guy may like me. Just kidding, no guy will ever fall for me like in the movies. Anyway, in this article I'm not talking about popular actors but the popular characters they play that people on tumblr gush over. Also going through the list on my phone I realized that most of these characters are actually terrible people.

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Jason Dean (Heathers)

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Now, Heathers is one of my all time favorite movies. But, I never saw the fascination in J.D.. Don't get me wrong he is very attractive and Christian Slater is an amazing actor but, do you people all realize that he kills people. Also I don't want to drag him but he kind of walks with a limp and, his iconic J.D. voice is somewhat annoying.

Jugehead Jones (Riverdale)

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Jason Dean 2.0, am I right? Another angsty teen with a dark past and no mom. Also before I go on just let it be known that I never watched the second season soooooo. But, yet again never saw the fascination in his character. Also I never saw the fascination in Riverdale as well. But for some reason I find Jughead really creepy (no offense). Like its weird how he is writing about everyone's lives. Like does his friends know that he is stalking their lives? But since I don't want everyone to hate me, I do feel really bad for his home life and the first season of Riverdale was actually pretty good.

Bucky Barnes (The Marvel Universe)

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Unpopular Opinion: Sebastian Stan is exactly like Bucky Barnes.
I have an undying love for Sebastian Stan (god, his name is really long) so maybe I love Bucky too. Although Thor is my muscular space god who owns my heart but I can make room for you too Bucky. Also since I love Sebastian I bought every movie that the Winter Soilder was in. Well I am writing this I am truly realizing my love for Bucky Barnes. Also if you can not realize I effing love Marvel.

Tate Langdon (American Horror Story)

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THE ACTUAL WORST!! Out of every guy on this list he tops them all on the 'most horrible person' list. This boy shot up a school, burned his father, and forced Violet to kill herself. Wait did he force Violet to do that (I haven't watched Murder House in a while)? I really don't realize why thirsty girls all over tumblr love Tate (but girls on tumblr also throw themselves at dead serial killers sooooo). Don't get me wrong I could get all over Evan Peters any day but Tate, no thanks. Other than a Tate give me a Kit Walker from Asylum.

Mike Wheeler (Stranger Things)

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Y'all need to leave this kid alone. He is actually 2 years old and it makes me cringe so hard when I see fan fiction on this boi. I'm not even talking smut (which don't get me started I will fight anyone who writes smut on him with a baseball bat in my hand) but even fluff fanfic needs to STOP. Why do I know all these terms??? Anyway, It also makes me cringe when people ship Mike with Eleven.
Unpopular Opinion: Strangers Thing season 1 was way better and SOME fans ruined season 2 for me.

Donnie Darko (Donnie Darko)

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This boy deserves the world, no joke. Throughout the whole movie I just felt so bad for him. Like look at that smile! Also this movie is my actual favorite movies of all time (you can watch it on Netflix btw) and, more people need to fall in love with it. Its such a mind fuck of a movie yet so peaceful and aesthetically pleasing. I legit want to be Gretchen and kiss Donnie after Seth made fun of her dad stabbing her mom.

Castiel (Supernatural)

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I love Supernatural and like most fans I went through that Castiel phase. Then I realized that he is like 45 with kids and a wife. But, I read Girl, Interrupted just because he was in that movie for like 2 seconds (but he killed it). But Cas is just so innocent and cute. I would say hes funny but Dean makes me laugh way harder every episode. Also Dean Winchester is my baby daddy, I just had to sneak that into this. I also have to say that season 6 sucked because Cas wasn't there. My favorite Cas moment: I died laughing when Sam called him and he didn't know how to work a recording machine so he was just asking why it was talking to him.

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