Hi everyone!! I'm sorta new at this, so I thought why not start everything off with the best part of the entire day, a night routine!

1. Changing into some PJ's

Typically, I'm the kind of person that can literally sleep in anything, but PJ's are 1000x more comfier than a pair of jeans.

2. Shower/Skin care routine

I like taking a shower every night to refresh my body and get it smelling nice and candy like. haha, no but seriously. Our bodies go through a lot within a day, so it's always nice to take a hot shower or bath.

After the shower I like to focus on my face. I normally don't get a lot of acne, But I always try to make sure my face is nice and clean before going to bed. I usually use a gentle face wash, or sometimes I just use soap and water. Just depends on what I'm feeling.

3. Cozy up

After my face is clean and i'm in the comfiest clothes. I then like to get cozy. This can differ every night, Most nights I like to make a cup of tea, I've been loving the sleepy time teas. Sometimes I snuggle myself in a pile of blankets while watching one of my favorite cartoons (my favorite at the moment is Scooby Doo). Or sometimes I read my bible. It really just depends on what I'm feeling. :)

Thanks so much for reading about how I end my night, I am very new at this but I'm hoping I fall more in love with it and continue posting!

Until next time,