I think I love you, and I'm okay with that.
its 4:29 in the morning, our anniversary, and all I can do is sit here and think about you.
I think about everything about you, every small thing you've said or done, and what may be to come.
I think about how much I love your eyes, a grayish blue that mesmerize me every chance i get to see them.
i think about how much i miss your voice, because only getting to hear it once every week or so isn't enough for me.
I think about the feeling of your hand when ours are clasped together, a silent signal that we will support each other through anything.
I think about how the stars aligned and created a concoction of timing, beauty, and coincidence to bring us together and tell me to really get to know you.
I think about how in the past few months, you've already shown me you'll be there for me, like you promised to me and I to you.
you're my safe space, an unbiased set of eyes that I can always count on to listen when no one else will.
and I think about how I feel when you pull me into your arms, holding me like delicate glass yet also pulling in so tight as if we will never see each other again.
I met you about four years ago, and it seems so incredibly ignorant of me to have never really gotten to know you until a few months ago.
I don't think I ever thought you would be this important to me, and now you're one of the people I couldn't bear to lose.
now I'm sitting here in my bed wishing it were yours or that you were here, because I am filled with so much emotion I've never experienced before when I'm with you and I want you to know.
I want to proclaim how much I love you, how much you have helped me improve my life and helped me become a better person.
so many things that I love about you are the things I think other people don't really notice, like the relaxed way you lean against a wall in conversation, or how you've worn that fedora so much now, after I told you I liked it.
I love how you slide in little compliments into our conversations, because it really means the world to me.
you always are present in any conversation you have, and the times when someone has tried to defame me you were there for me and defended me.
I love how you prioritize your family, because a lot of teens don't do so now and you have a wonderful family that deserves all your love.
and I am sitting here, thinking about you because you have consumed my every waking thought, and I am thinking about how I love you and I'm ready to tell you, for you deserve the world, and goddamnit I hope I can be the one to give it to you.