hey guys, how r u all doing? I really hope you are doing well, truly... well sometimes I get really bored so, hey if u want to be my friend that would be... a lot less boring, just so u know u can talk to me whenever u want.

okay so today is the seventh day as you already saw in the title, but its cool to say it again so yeah...

7. a song to drive to:

mmm any one direction would just be perfect, buuuut i'll go with stockholm syndrome because is one of my favorites, or perhaps drag me down would do too.

quotes, grunge, and Lyrics image
one direction, drag me down, and quotes image

and also i'll say I write sins not tragedies by panic! at the disco <3

gif, Lyrics, and panic at the disco image
btw look at this cutie

anyways those were today's songs, if you haven't listen to them please do, bye huns. <3